Five Crucial Aspects of the Most Popular PPC Ad Platforms

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In the past few years, there has been a massive growth in the number of pay-per-click ad networks, from traditional search engine results pages to social media to native ads on different websites. It can be challenging for marketers to figure out which PPC Platform will work best for their marketing budget. So, to help you find the best right tools for the job, we’ve broken down five essential aspects of the most popular PPC platforms so you can find one with the features you need to help your digital marketing strategy grow.


1) Google Ads:


Google Ads rules PPC marketing. Google Adwords is the best pay-per-click (PPC) network in the world, no doubt about it. With the traffic and keywords it offers, you can use it no matter how much money you have. Google’s ad network is great because it has a vast network with millions of third-party sites.


Ad formats:

  • Search engine results pages
  • YouTube advertising
  • Showcase Shopping ads


Bidding Strategies:


They are not only the most extensive advertising network. Google also has more CPC bidding strategy options than any other PPC platform. And they are always coming up with new ideas in this area.



3.5 billion searches every day




The cost per click (CPC) for Google Ads ranges from a few cents to over $100. The average price ranges from $1 to $3. 


Pros of Google Ads:


With pay-per-click on Google Ads, you can reach almost any group globally because of its broad reach. From small, local services to products and brands sold around the world. This kind of reach is a marketer’s dream, which can mean the difference between a business’s success and failure. It’s huge to be able to target platforms like YouTube. And with Google Display Network, your paid ad can appear on a wide range of partner websites.


2) Microsoft Ads


It’s not always bad to be the second biggest paid search engine player. Bing Ads is now called Microsoft Advertising, and it has a PPC package similar to what Google offers.


Ad formats: 

Being a search engine, Bing offers SERPs, which also show as search results on Yahoo!.

Microsoft Ads PPC display ads on:

  • Window App Store
  • Xbox
  • Microsoft Advertising in Bing Smart Search



A third of the global search market takes place on the Microsoft’s Platform. 




One of the best things about the Bing Ads network is that it has a lower CPC. According to tests, the average cost per click (CPC) on Bing Ads is about a third less than on Google Ads. The average CPC is about $2.20, which is a good number.


Pros of Microsoft Ads: 


With less competition, your ads on the Bing Ad network have a better chance of standing out. Because there are fewer competitors, your bids are lower than on Google Ads, which is very popular. And there are signs that the click-through rates are also higher on Bing. A third of the global search market is still a big chunk of the world, and using both Google and Microsoft Ads can be helpful.


Cons of Microsoft Ads: 

If your goal is to acquire as many clicks and views as possible, a limited audience may not be a good fit for everyone.


3) Meta Ads:

With Meta ads, advertisers can choose from several unique ways to target their ads that they can’t find anywhere else. Meta ads let advertisers focus on a person’s likes and interests instead of just specific keywords. Because of this, Meta ads are slightly different from other PPC ad networks.


Ad formats: 

With Meta, ads are targeted to users based on their interests, location and factors such as age, education level or even behaviours.


Facebook’s PPC ads can appear on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger


Bidding Strategies: 


Cost per thousand impressions is the most common way for PPC ads to be run on Meta. You can also choose cost per click or cost per action (CPA).



2.62 billion people use Facebook, and Instagram combined every day



On Facebook, a PPC ad campaign costs less than it does on Bing. It is said that the average CPC on Facebook is around $1.70.


Pros of Facebook Ads:


Facebook’s demographic targeting is an effective way to reach a specific group of people. Something a little harder to do on the search engine ad networks. With more than half of all internet users on Facebook and 1 trillion page views a month, Facebook is seen by many people every month.



As you can see, you have many options for finding the perfect PPC services in Texas for your marketing needs. These are just a few of the PPC platforms that are out there. More are being added all the time.


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