How to Conduct a Content Audit in 2022: The Step-by-Step Guide

How does your website work? The answer is simple, with high-quality content. But the question is, quality is the only thing that matters? Content properly organized is one of the most important factors to consider. You have to work on your website content because your main goal should be your audience, which means providing the content your readers want to see. Sometimes people forget to add keywords or the title is not appropriate. 

While posting your content, you have to check a lot of things. One of the ideal ways to do all these things is a content audit. It will not only help in optimizing it but will also help in shaping your future content strategy. A reliable digital marketing company in Texas can help you. You might be thinking that how it will work. Here are some of the easy steps to understanding content audit.

Content Audit Guide

What is a content audit?

A content audit is a process that helps analyze and assess the content for the website. Its primary goal is to check the strengths and weaknesses of content and focus on its development. It is helpful for many companies, from small to big corporations. To accomplish this, some steps need to follow. Let us understand them. 

  • Start with goals and metrics 

It is always recommended to define your goals and metrics before starting anything. It will make you clear with the objectives and will lead you towards success. Check, what do you want? Whether you want to increase the engagement or improve the conversion results. It all depends on the research you will conduct. 

You have decided on your goals, it is time to check for the metrics. Metrics include organic traffic, keyword ranking, likes, shares, mentions, conversion rates, and various others. You have to analyze everything and check the metrics properly. 

  • What kind of content to review?

It is crucial to check the kind of content you have to review. Various types of content are there, like blog posts, landing pages, internal content, and product descriptions, and you have to analyze which one you will audit. 

After doing so, what you have to do is, collect your URLs. By saying this, we mean that the pages you have to audit collect their URLs. The best way to accomplish this step is to use the online content tool. It will help audit your content quickly and provide you with a quick list of URLs. For this, a sitemap is one of the most important things as it can make the process even faster. If you do not have one, generate it with the ideal tool. 

Now that you have URLs, use the spreadsheet and sort them. Categorise everything so that you have clear data, such as type of content, format, number of words, etc. Create the columns of all these. It can be done with the help of a reliable Texas digital marketing agency

Gather and analyze your data 

It is time to gather and analyze the data. Gathering data is not an easy task because you have to collect it from different sources. After that, add it to the spreadsheet. To do this, one of the best and easy ways is to use the audit tools available. Some of the famous tools which you can use are Semrush, Ahrefs, etc. 

After gathering the data, you have to analyze it. You have to examine it by checking the bounce rates and session durations, If your website has high bounce rates and low session rates, it means the content of your website does not satisfy user intent, and maybe not SEO Optimize also does not addresses the user’s search queries in your content that’s why users are not interested in your content. If the opposite happens, it is time to analyze the type of content the audience needs. 

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Lastly, you have to place each content into a different category, whether you want to keep it, update it, or delete it. 

It’s the time for an action plan

You have a complete solution about how to improve your content. You need to develop an action plan to implement it. This plan will help you draw the analysis and come to the conclusion in the end. For every content’s URL, create an action plan like whether you want to remove it, review it or expand it. Whatever your plan is, segregate it according to the URL. 

Content marketing strategy 

While you are conducting a website content audit, you must check the marketing strategy. It will help to track your success and your failure. You should keep the record once a year so that you can ensure you are accomplishing all the goals and working for the audience, keeping their needs in mind. An ideal digital marketing company in Texas can be helpful for you. 

A content audit is a long process that requires a good mindset and complete knowledge. We have provided you with comprehensive details of how content audits work. We hope you understand the importance of this. You can implement your website with the help of the best Texas digital marketing agency that is, Texas Web Solutions. We have come a long way in helping many businesses to get the desired results. Trust us and contact us today itself.   

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